Live Streaming

Expand your audience

Creative Liquid has over 10 years of experience broadcasting seminars, presentations and events to a global audience over the web. Our team has the equipment and experience to make sure your next event has a polished and professionally produced stream you can share with a select audience, or the entire world. 

Creative Liquid uses professional grade cameras and audio equipment to capture high quality content, and transcode it for web broadcast live during your event. We can support single or multiple camera setups and we integrate your branding and/or marketing collateral directly into the stream. 

Creative Liquid has created a microsite platform to host livestream events called FedStreaming. The Fedstreaming platform allows for the creation of a branded event page, with links to materials or websites relevant to your event. Our streaming platform supports real time questions and answers from your remote audience and we can capture viewer metrics during the event. 


Adaptive Streaming


We stream in full 1080p resolution. The player is responsive and adapts to the viewers bandwidth automatically to ensure they have the best experience.

Realtime Q&A


We can capture live feedback from viewers and share it with the presenter, either as real-time or moderated (private) feedback.

Multiple Cameras


We specialize in multi camera setups, and our field producers will execute cuts, insert presentations and graphics during the stream.

Remote Presenters


We can include additional presenters to your stream, even if they are not physically present at your event. All your presenter needs is a web camera.