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10.13.16 | Ryan Pratzel
Our blog has been quiet this past summer and with good reason, we'e been busy!  2016 has been a fantastic year of telling stories and working on some incredible projects.  While the year isn't over just yet, I wanted to take a moment to look at some of what we've worked on that may be of interest and some cool technology advancements that we've made this year. Cool Projects This summer we... more
Creative Liquid Mug
2.10.16 | Ryan Pratzel
Ten Years Ten years ago today, February 10, 2006, Creative Liquid Productions was born.  At the time, my goal was to start a creative firm that got me out of the newsroom and back in the field.  Mission accomplished!  In the past ten years we've grown, worked on some amazing projects, been honored with more than a dozen awards and continue to expand our services and capabilities. How Far We... more
3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Digital Compositing With video effects software like Adobe’s After Effects and Final Cut’s Motion, digital compositing has opened up a whole new field of locations and set pieces for low-budget filmmakers to explore. That is, if you know how to make it look convincing. The elements of your digital composite shot are just as important as the composite itself. If any are out of line with the... more
3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Lighting can be a daunting subject once you come to realize a film or video’s look is almost entirely based on how it’s lit. And knowing what type of light would be good for a particular situation is difficult to judge, even for an experienced DP, unless you have access to the location and know your setup before the shoot. So, while practice does make (occasionally) perfect, I definitely... more
3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Understanding the Basics Camera sensitivity is a very dense subject, with so many factors to consider it’s hard not to make an entire series of Practicals about each one. So for convenience sake, this episode of Practicals covers the broad strokes of camera sensitivity, or ISO. Your ISO, along with shutter speed and aperture, is one of the three main factors you adjust to get a proper exposure... more
3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Practicals is written and produced by Creative Liquid's director of photography Zack Gross. ENG vs Large Sensor With 35mm and Super 35mm cameras being all the rage nowadays, I’ve found that many newer filmmakers, cinematographers, and camera operators have never used and don’t realize the advantages of ENG/EFP cameras. ENG, or electronic news gathering cameras, are by definition... more


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