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3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Network Rebuild In January we completed an extensive rebuild of our IT infrastructure. It was a project that was a long time coming. In this article we're going to briefly touch on how we upgraded our network and then our Post-Production Manager Julia is going to go over our editing workflow and new SAN/NAS environment. Planning This project started with months of planning. We knew we were... more
3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Panasonic AJ - PX270 Large sensor cameras are all the rage right now in production, but there are still many shoots that require a camera that is flexible in a fast moving environment.  Often called ENG (Electronic News Gathering) or EFP (Electronic Field Production) cameras, we utilize a wide range of cameras for a variety of tasks.  ENG camera have many benefits that you may or may not find... more
Lav Mic
3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Audio 101 To ensure we get clean and usable audio for all our interviews, we’ve developed some standard practices that we rely on. For audio, we always use two mics on our subjects, a boom mic (shotgun microphone) and a lavaliere mic (lav). Having both means even if one fails during the interview or on set, we can still capture audio. In this video, we delve into the details of how we at... more
Proper Exposure
4.6.15 | Ryan Pratzel
Getting Your Shot As a filmmaker, you normally have one chance to capture a moment. So making sure your footage is usable on set is key. To combat under or overexposed footage, a DP has two main tools at his disposal: your waveform monitor and your zebra stripes. Both measure and display luminance, but for different purposes and in different ways. We cover when and why you use these tools on set... more
3.31.15 | Ryan Pratzel
Setup and LightingGreen screen, or chroma key compositing to be technical, is a very common visual effect that has been in use since the 1930s. Back before digital compositing, it was known as the “travelling matte” process and often used a blue screen instead of green to create various effects such as interesting transitions. These blue screen elements, recorded on film, would be combined later... more
Sony F5
3.26.15 | Ryan Pratzel
On April 21, 2015 Creative Liquid is partnering with Canoe Media Services to host a Small Business Day video shoot.  We understand video production is an investment, so we've put together a service that is more affordable for small businesses.  Time slots are available in thirty minute increments.  During that time we'll film interviews with key... more


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