Practicals: Sony CineAlta Primes

Sony F5 Camera with the 85mm CineLense
Ryan Pratzel

Sony CineAlta Primes are sold in a set of six lenses that are a perfect match for Creative Liquid's F5 cameras. The lenses are PL mount and come in 20, 25, 35, 50, 85, and 135mm. The lenses are fairly fast with a wide open aperture of T2. We've had them in our inventory since spring 2016 and our team loves working with these lenses.


Sony CineAlta Primes Tech Specs  

  • 20, 25, 35, 50, 85, 135mm Primes
  • T2
  • 9 Blade Iris
  • Super35mm Coverage
  • Arri PL mount

The Review

We asked Creative Liquid's Director of Photography Zack Gross to give us his thoughts on the lenses and talk about his latest independent production. His thoughts are below:

  1. The Sony CineAlta 4K Cinema Lens series is one of our premiere lens kits here at Creative Liquid. A PL mount prime series solidly machined for high-end professional shoots, the lenses capture consistently beautiful footage.
  2. I was recently able to use them on a narrative short film I directed for Hand Me Down Films entitled "Harmony". On the shoot, we were able to really put the lenses to the test in a multitude of situations such as with remote follow focuses, handheld camera work, and dolly movements.
  3. Once in editing, the footage we got back was very exciting to work with. The lenses are TRULY 4K, with even the fabric of actors clothing rendering sharp and crisp. But the gorgeous footage does not come without a cost in terms of your time and energy spent on set.

Check out the video to hear more about the pros and cons of shooting with the Sony CineAlta 4K Cinema Lens Series.