Slight Name Change

Logo Design Iterations
Ryan Pratzel

Time for a refresh

You may have noticed a slight change to the logo on our website. Since we started this adventure in 2006, we've always been known as Creative Liquid Productions. In 2015, we added web services to our capabilities and now work on a variety of digital marketing projects. As part of our new office move we decided to make a small branding update. 

Introducing Creative Liquid! While we've dropped "Productions" from our name, we're still going to provide our clients the exceptional, award-winning video production services we're known for. Our shortened name now more accurately reflects our brand and shows that we are more than just a video company.

The road to change

We debated changing our logo for quite some time. We worked on more than a dozen variations and we even created a version without our iconic liquid "C". In the end, we kept the "C" and changed to a single font and made our name larger.

Fun Fact: The "C" is supposed to look like a coffee ring after you pick up your coffee cup from a table. 

Still the same great company

While our name and logo have changed slightly, I want to reassure everyone we're still the same great creative company. We'll continue to provide video production and web development services. What to know more about our services? Contact us.

On September 4, 2018 we move to our new, larger office, just a few blocks away. Drop us a line and come check it out.

Creative Liquid

1170 Cameron Street, Suite 170

Alexandria, VA 22314