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5.8.19 | Trevor Johnson
A website is your brand’s best marketing asset for getting your mission, product or service in front of potential customers. It ensures your message to the world, and drives a fundamental part of every organization or business. These days it is easy to create a website with very little technical experience or technical skills, which is great for small businesses, non-profits or any organization... more
On Location
4.19.19 | Julia Cowell
Struggling with budget Budgeting any project can be a struggle, especially when it comes to video. Many people have a difficult time wrapping their heads around the costs associated with producing a video. The key to getting the results you want are putting together a budget that best fits the end goal. If you want an 8K crane shot of Times Square with your company’s logo superimposed on every... more
Color Grading
3.21.19 | Julia Cowell
The art of color It’s rare that an image comes to me in my edit suite that couldn’t be improved with a little color grading. Color grading is kind of like the icing on the cake. It’s the final pass that an editor will do on your video, going through shot by shot to tweak, correct, enhance or stylize your footage. You may think this process isn’t an important one. If the footage was shot... more
Field Production
3.14.19 | Ryan Pratzel
I was recently asked to define "high-quality video" and it got me thinking: Shouldn't all video be quality video? Do you need the qualifier high? Regardless there are some ways to define quality or high-quality video. If you're looking to produce a video these are all things you should consider. Two Things To Keep In Mind There are two key elements to producing a quality video, technical and... more
Concept Artwork
3.6.19 | Julia Cowell
There’s a long standing joke in filmmaking: “We’ll fix it in post.” fix it in post: Why that's a bad idea There’s a long standing joke in filmmaking: “We’ll fix it in post.” It’s a cringeworthy phrase that you’ll hear on set when a crew runs into frustrations with lighting or audio or an interview subject. It basically means, “we’ll fix it after the fact,” or, “we’ll find the story we need in... more
8.15.18 | Ryan Pratzel
Time for a refresh You may have noticed a slight change to the logo on our website. Since we started this adventure in 2006, we've always been known as Creative Liquid Productions. In 2015, we added web services to our capabilities and now work on a variety of digital marketing projects. As part of our new office move we decided to... more


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