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7.20.18 | Ryan Pratzel
At a high level, a new video project can be broken down into three phases. Inside each phase is a set of milestones. This is the first in a series of three articles that will take a look at pre production, production and post production. Pre Production Pre production is the planning phase of your video project. While it can often be overlooked, this phase should get your full attention and a... more
5.22.18 | Ryan Pratzel
Big Honors in 2018 Creative Liquid is honored to have won a Silver Telly Award for our work on the documentary Remembering Vietnam, produced for National Archives in Washington, D.C. The documentary was produced by our team in 2017 and debuted at a... more
4.18.18 | Ryan Pratzel
Why Video? Video can be a costly and time consuming endeavor, so why should nonprofit organizations consider using video? It is one of the best ways to reach a broad audience and achieve results. Whether your target audience is donors, both corporate and individual, or promoting your organization's mission, video can do this effectively. Every dollar counts when you're running a nonprofit. If... more
4.3.18 | Ryan Pratzel
Why Caption Your Video? Captioning video makes your story accessible to the hearing impaired. This helps insure your message gets to a wide audience. Captioning is also required for many videos created for government clients, univeristies, museums and other educational institutions. Many corporations are also requiring videos be accessible. The question many people have is how do I caption my... more
Video Crew
3.24.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Creating A Video The Challenge Many organizations, large and small, are debating internally how to better use social media and video. It's easy to say 'have an intern send out a few Tweets,' but in reality every message is a reflection of your brand. Often, during the discussion someone brings up the idea of creating a video.   It sounds simple enough. In fact, most of us carry around a high... more
3.24.17 | Ryan Pratzel
honored for our work The Creative Liquid team is honored to receive three Telly Awards for our work completed in 2016. Creative Liquid received awards for the following projects: Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation's Citizen Honors National PSA Spot Citizen Honors Profile Video Pets Without Vets:... more


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