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3.17.17 | Zack Gross
Color in Video Production While it’s impossible to know what every camera, codec, LUT, color profile, data rate, and bit depth will do for your images, having a general knowledge of different workflows and options is useful so you can properly plan your projects to be as effective as possible. With the advancements in digital cameras and editing software, there are now multiple options and... more
3.8.17 | Zack Gross
Camera Compression Often, I’ll hear newer shooters or filmmakers complain about having trouble manipulating and refining their footage in post, especially DSLR footage or more affordable cinema cameras. This is mainly due to compression. Think of it like a funnel. In order for a useful amount of video footage to fit onto small memory cards like SD cards, a digital cameras computer has to... more
Practicals - Basic Audio Mixing
3.9.17 | Zack Gross
The Audio Signal The further you get into editing film and video, the more you realize audio, not always the image, is the key to making your film appear “professional.” Viewers are often more lenient about the images they see versus the audio they hear. At the base of any good audio mix is well captured audio. DO NOT simply brush aside audio recording in favor of the images. If your audio is... more
F5 Cine Lens
3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Sony CineAlta Prime Lenses Sony sells a set of six cine prime lenses that are a perfect match for Creative Liquid's F5 cameras.  The lenses are PL mount and come in 20, 25, 35, 50, 85, and 135mm.  The lenses are fairly fast with a wide open aperature of T2.  We've had them in our inventory since spring 2016 and our team loves working with these lenses. Tech Specs   20, 25, 35, 50, 85, 135mm... more
Business Aviation
10.13.16 | Ryan Pratzel
Our blog has been quiet this past summer and with good reason, we'e been busy!  2016 has been a fantastic year of telling stories and working on some incredible projects.  While the year isn't over just yet, I wanted to take a moment to look at some of what we've worked on that may be of interest and some cool technology advancements that we've made this year. Cool Projects This summer we... more
Creative Liquid Mug
2.10.16 | Ryan Pratzel
Ten Years Ten years ago today, February 10, 2006, Creative Liquid Productions was born.  At the time, my goal was to start a creative firm that got me out of the newsroom and back in the field.  Mission accomplished!  In the past ten years we've grown, worked on some amazing projects, been honored with more than a dozen awards and continue to expand our services and capabilities. How Far We... more


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