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Lav Mic
3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
Audio 101 To ensure we get clean and usable audio for all our interviews, we’ve developed some standard practices that we rely on. For audio, we always use two mics on our subjects, a boom mic (shotgun microphone) and a lavaliere mic (lav). Having both means even if one fails during the interview or on set, we can still capture audio. In this video, we delve into the details of how we at... more
Proper Exposure
4.6.15 | Ryan Pratzel
Getting Your Shot As a filmmaker, you normally have one chance to capture a moment. So making sure your footage is usable on set is key. To combat under or overexposed footage, a DP has two main tools at his disposal: your waveform monitor and your zebra stripes. Both measure and display luminance, but for different purposes and in different ways. We cover when and why you use these tools on set... more
3.31.15 | Ryan Pratzel
Setup and LightingGreen screen, or chroma key compositing to be technical, is a very common visual effect that has been in use since the 1930s. Back before digital compositing, it was known as the “travelling matte” process and often used a blue screen instead of green to create various effects such as interesting transitions. These blue screen elements, recorded on film, would be combined later... more
Sony F5
3.26.15 | Ryan Pratzel
On April 21, 2015 Creative Liquid is partnering with Canoe Media Services to host a Small Business Day video shoot.  We understand video production is an investment, so we've put together a service that is more affordable for small businesses.  Time slots are available in thirty minute increments.  During that time we'll film interviews with key... more
3.29.15 | Ryan Pratzel
Lights, Camera, Action!We are now taking studio rental reservations for March 2015.  Next month we will open a new studio just a few minutes from our main office in Old Town Alexandria.  This new space will be dedicated entirely to production and photo shoots.  One of our challenges was finding a great space that was quiet, open and convenient for our crews and clients.  Our new studio is located... more
3.9.17 | Ryan Pratzel
The Art of ColorIn film and video, color correction and color grading are very often talked about together, but in actuality are two separate tasks. They’re combined because of their reliance on the same tools. Both are also normally handled one after the other in post- production. While neither will fix bland or bad cinematography, both can truly make a great shot fantastic.Your color correction... more


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