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9.9.13 | Ryan Pratzel
I've been working on this article off and on for the past few weeks.  I want to share my impressions of the C100 after the first thirty days working with the camera.  First, some background.  In late June I ordered our C100 coupled with the Canon 24-105mm lens.  Canon was running a promotion at the time that put this package just over six grand.  The camera was purchased with two projects in mind... more
5.10.13 | Ryan Pratzel
Each year Creative Liquid produces videos at dozens of meeting and events.  Many of these are for federal clients, corporate organizations, non-profits and associations.  To aide in budget planning we have created a series of video packages designed specifically for this type of video.  The packages include crews with basic equipment, editing of a master video, digital file for online... more
5.6.13 | Ryan Pratzel
Adobe announced today it is abandoning Creative Suite and replacing it entirely with Creative Cloud.  Don't panic, Premier, Photoshop, After Effects aren't going away, you just won't be able to buy them as stand alone applications or as a suite of applications.  This means no more boxed software.  Current Creative Suite customers can switch to Creative Cloud for $30 for the first year.  After... more
5.6.13 | Ryan Pratzel
We produce many event related videos and over the years we've picked up a few tips that not only help our crews, but also help our clients.  Part of what sparked this blog post is that I recently had a conversation with a potential client who came to us after the AV firm that recorded their event provided a poor quality product.  We see this quite frequently. Often times it's difficult for us to... more
11.9.13 | Ryan Pratzel
Back in January we completed a total rebuild of our IT infrastructure.  At the same time we also rebuilt one of our edits suites and implemented new archiving proceedures.  I thought I'd take a few minutes to go through what we did and what we learned from the experience.We've had multiple edit suites for years, but until now they have always used local storage with a NAS for sharing files.  Our... more
3.21.13 | Ryan Pratzel
We are selling a variety of office furniture, computer equipment and gently used video production equipment.  You may inquire by e-mail or visit our open house sale day on Friday March 29 between 11am and 3pm.  All sales are final and equipment must be removed within one business day.  Additional items may be added to the sale so stay tuned!  Office... more


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