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1.16.13 | Ryan Pratzel
We are proud to announce our new travel blog  The new site will feature a variety of travel related reviews on destinations, hotels, airlines, airports and attractions.  The site is a team effort with our web partner Zephyr Concepts.Here's a blurb from the site:"At Travel at Random we love... more
12.17.12 | Ryan Pratzel
2012 has been a busy year here at Creative Liquid.  I will never complain about being busy, but busy does mean we are creating a large amount of media.  That translates into terabyes ot data.  Creative Liquid is a boutique production company.  We offer our clients a full range of services from pre-production to post.  We have three edit suites in house plus a few laptops for editing in the field... more
10.5.12 | Ryan Pratzel
Running a video production company is like running tech firm.  Technology is ever changing.  From cameras and lighitng to the computer we use for post-production.  Nothing stays the same for long.  The computers we purchased when Creative Liquid was founded in February 2006 wouldn't complete some of today's simplest editing tasks.  Since fall 2008, we have called Old Town Alexandria, Virginia... more
Pocket Dolly
9.13.12 | Ryan Pratzel
Philip Bloom Signature Series Pocket DollyOver the years I've worked with several slider dollies.  What I like about sliders is that they are usually quick to setup and relatively portable.  After NAB 2012 I was looking to invest in a dolly that we could use more often.  I had my eye on the Philip Bloom Signature Series Pocky Dolly from Kessler.  After getting a chance to check it out in person... more
Athens, Greece
9.4.12 | Ryan Pratzel
Traveling for Production Can be DauntingOver the past few years the amount of traveling I do for production work has grown steadily.  In 2011 I flew more than 80,000 miles.  After a while you learn some tips and tricks that make the journey a little less hectic.  This is a long read, but trust me there are some good nuggets.I remember in 2008, when I really started to spend more time on the road... more


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