Informational Video

Care Conversations was a series of video produced for a website that provided information and guidance for individuals and families looking at long term care solutions. Creative Liquid was approached by marking and public relations firm Adfero to create a series of three videos that would be a key part of the new Care Conversations website. This project involved production management, crew, equipment, casting and post.

The Challenge.

This project presented several challenges. First the videos needed to be relatable and clearly convey a message to potential viewers. Second, this project needed to be filmed in approximately one day to stay within the budget constraints. Third, the videos had to flow from one to the next.  

Our Solution.

Early in this project we met with the creative team at Adfero and we mapped a path forward. This included the look and style of the video, the messaging and scripts, and the talent we needed to hire. Our team worked on the scripts and the casting simultaneously. We also began scouting locations and working on production logistics. We needed three locations, one for each video, but the locations needed to be close enough to each other that we could film in one day.  

We secured six actors who portrayed the individuals in the videos and we locked in three filming locations all in the city of Alexandria, VA. Following production each video was cut by the same editor in order to keep a consistent look and style across the series. 

Production Notes.

This project was filmed with a single cinema camera over the course of a ten hour production day. Many of the scenes were filmed using a small camera dolly in order to give movement to the shots. Careful attention was given to actor wardrobe and makeup as well as each scene to ensure the scenes felt genuine and real.