Melwood Ability Awards Profile Video

Creative Liquid worked with Melwood to produce a series of video profiles on the honorees receiving the 2023 Ability Awards. The Melwood Ability Awards honor the change-makers who are impacting the representation and inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce, community, and culture. The awards program convened honorees, employers, leaders in the disability inclusion space, Members of Congress, and more. 

The 2023 Pioneer Award was given to Keivonn Woodard, Emmy-nominated actor in HBO’s hit series The Last of Us, for his work to increase the visibility and inclusion of people with disabilities in popular culture and everyday life. 

Melwood is a Maryland-based nonprofit that advocates for and empowers people with disabilities by expanding opportunities to work and thrive in the community.

The video features interviews recorded using a sign language interpreter as well as open captions in order to aid in accessibility of the content.