Video Production: Transit Planning 4 All

Our team worked with the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) for a video production project that would highlight the organization's Transit Planning 4 All (TP4A) initiative. Video production was completed on site in Portland, Maine, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon and Washington, DC. TP4A wanted to create a series of stories that highlighted the success of the program and the importance of inclusive transit planning. Our team managed all aspects of production from pre-production concept development and planning to production and post production

Video Production & Video Editing

This project included coordinating filming schedules in multiple cities across the United States. Our team managed production coordination, travel logistics, location logistics and post production. The series was produced between March 2022 and September 2022. Editing took place at Creative Liquid's facility in Alexandria, VA.

Our team worked with CTAA to draft the narrative and interview questions for each video. The goal was to showcase each city and their TP4A initiatives. Our producers worked with the client to tell the story. 

Footage was captured using Creative Liquid's Sony FX9 and FX3 cinema cameras. The project was produced in 4K resolution and delivered for distribution on the TP4A website. The videos were produced by Julia Cowell and Ryan Pratzel. Editing was completed by Ethan Saunders, Julia Cowell and Nick Lewis.

Creative Liquid was honored with a 2023 Communicator Award for our work on this project.

Community Transportation Association of America