Airmen Memorial Foundation

Samples of the AMF website on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

The Airmen Memorial Foundation (AMF) provides scholarships to military families. While they have been around since the mid 1980s, they were relying on a partner organization to provide their scholarship information and materials to interested applicants. Applicants also needed to physically print, package and mail their applications to AMF each year. 

The Solution.

Creative Liquid worked with AMF stakeholders to create a website design that would highlight their work, and guide interested families through the process of applying for scholarships. Creative Liquid and AMF created an online submission process that would allow applicants to submit materials securely over the internet instead of using the mail. 

The Result.

The new AMF website was launched in 2021, and has completed the first year of electronic application packages with great success. The website provides easy to follow instructions for applicants, and provides other resources for the organization to help broaden their exposure.

Airmen Memorial Foundation