Cyber Readiness Gateway

Cyber Readiness Gateway Website on standard device types

The Challenge.

One of our long time partners was tasked with completing development of the Cyber Readiness Gateway, an online cyber security toolkit. The project had been started by a different organization who was unable to bring the platform to the finish line. The tool included partially completed but missing most of the key functionality around cyber security assessments and educational material required to go live. 

The Solution.

Creative Liquid provided development support to complete key features of the toolkit. Our team reviewed the platform and identified key areas where the site was deficient. Our developers repaired and restructured the Drupal installation to meet our security standards, and industry best practices. We then documented the desired functionality and performed a gap analysis with what was completed to date. Our developers recoded the custom modules, and added new functionality to improve the user experience. 

The Result.

The new Cyber Readiness Gateway was stabilized and launched in Fall 2021. The new platform has been expanded to include additional toolkits, and reference materials.

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