Fedstreaming Platform

Fedstreaming.com Platform across common devices

The Challenge.

Creative Liquid provides live streaming services to a variety of clients for a variety of events. Our original service provider would create microsites for us for each event. These microsites were time consuming to setup, resulting in added costs to both Creative Liquid and to our clients. Overtime, new technologies and features became available that compounded the issue of creating a new static microsite for each event, and limited our ability to provide new interactive features with our streaming solution.

The Solution.

Creative Liquid designed the first version of FedStreaming in 2011. The system was based on the Drupal open source content management system and provided a basic template for streaming events, client branding and accompanying materials. Over time, the solution expanded to provide question and answer capabilities, customer portals, and custom traffic monitoring.

The Result.

Using the robust templating system and user permissions within Drupal we were able to create a user interface where production managers could easily manage live stream events, reducing the level of effort required for each event. In addition, the new interactive question and answers features allows us to provide secure methods for visitor engagement, and present approved materials along side the streams, without disrupting the quality of the video stream.

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