Hope for the Warriors Support

Hope for the Warriors website on various devices

The Challenge.

Hope for the Warriors has been a client of Creative Liquid for many years. We started our relationship off with video production services, but when Hope for the Warriors ran into issues with their existing website support, development and maintenance provider, they reached out to Creative Liquid's team of website designers, developers and webmasters for assistance. Their primary issues were lack of responsiveness from their existing vendor, and the performance of their website. Some requests would take days or weeks to get a response on. Their website was slow and cumbersome to use on a range of devices. 

The Solution.

Creative Liquid stepped in and migrated Hope for the Warriors to a new cloud based hosting provider, with features and technologies designed to help optimize their website. Our team then reviewed the site and further optimized page performance by addressing items like image compression, caching and other best practices. We performed a detailed analysis of their site, and provided recommendations for improvements to usability, performance and ways to enhance their cybersecurity. 

The Result.

After the initial migration, Creative Liquid now provides ongoing website support, including monitoring for performance issues, security concerns, and we provide webmaster support to post all of their content updates, freeing up their team to focus on their core mission, helping our veterans. We also work with the client on maintenance tasks like small website design projects, content optimization and planning for a complete overhaul of their website in the coming months. 

Hope for the Warriors