Longevity Website Redesign

Longevity's new website across three device types.

The Challenge.

Longevity consulting has grown considerable since they last website redesign. In the few short years since the site was last updated, their team had grown substantially, the number of services offered increased and their focus and skill sets became more refined. Although the existing website had been through content updates, it had become cumbersome to work with, needed to be brought back into alignment with their current business goals and to highlight their current services and to realign the voice of the website. 

The Solution.

Creative Liquid worked with Longevity to collect all of their current marketing materials and assets. We also met to discuss and refine their business capabilities and goals. With this information, our team of marketing experts then rewrote all of the website content. Our website designers and developers then restructured and redesigned their website to better suit their current business position. We standardized language and broke concepts down into more user-friendly terms to better explain their services to outside clients. Along with a completely redesigned website, Creative Liquid produced produced a series of interviews and promotional videos to help focus their website on their diverse team, and highlight their accomplishments.

The Result.

The newly redesigned website for Longevity Consulting more clearly highlights their current work. By working through and re-writing their content we were able to provide a simpler introduction to their services. We also tied in their key asset, their team, by incorporating more interconnections and relationships in their content to directly connect their services with their team. In addition, careful curation of their case studies allowed for their accomplishments to be highlighted in the context of their services. All of this presented in a mobile first, modern website.

Longevity Consulting