Post is Where it All Comes Together

The Editorial Process

Creative Liquid has built a turnkey post facility in the heart of Alexandria, Virginia just steps from downtown Washington, D.C. (We are just a few blocks from the King Street Metro Station) Our edit suites are on a blazing fast 10Gb network and share more than 60TB of storage on our Studio Network Solutions EVO shared storage system. This translates into faster turnarounds for our clients.  This also gives us the ability to work with ultra high definition (4K) media in a seamless environment. 

Final Cut XAdobe Creative CloudDavinci Resolve


Each of our edit suites utilizes Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro X. We offer finishing solutions with Avid Pro Tools and Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve.  Editing is where our team takes your creative concept and content captured during production and begins to shape your story.  This step can be the largest part of the budget.  Our process includes:

  • Initial Cut: A first draft of your video, often with some light graphics and potential cuts of music.
  • Second Cut: A polished draft of your video incorporating feedback from the initial cut.
  • Fine Cut: This cut is almost complete.  In the fine cut the audio mix and color grade is complete.  We incorporate feedback from the second cut.
  • Final Cut: This is your final product ready for distribution.  

Motion Design

Motion graphics should help tell your story, not get in the way. We design animations and graphics that work for your project and represent your brand. The design process starts with your story and progresses to comps, which are essentially proofs. From there the animation process begins. Motion design is where we can integrate your logo, branding colors, fonts, etc to ensure your video is an extension of your organization.

Color Grade

Today’s cinema cameras (such as our Sony F5s) create beautiful images, but did you know the video starts flat and washed out? When it comes to finishing your project, don’t forget to budget some time for the final color grade. This is where our talented colorists give your video its final look. Whether your project is graded in Final Cut Pro X or DaVinci Resolve, color grading will make an impact on your audience.

Sound Design

Sound is as important as the picture.  Our post team will take care of your project from the music to the final mix.  Sound incorporates a variety of elements, including audio recorded during production, professional voice over, music, and sound effects.  

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Remembering Vietnam

National Archives
Creative Liquid worked with National Archives in Washington, D.C. to produce a twelve part documentary on the Vietnam.
Remembering Vietnam includes interviews with historians, military analysts, first hand accounts of the war from those who were there and historical content from the National Archives.

ARL West

U.S. Army
Creative Liquid and our teaming partner Virtuo Group Corporation, provide video production services to the public affairs office of the U.S. Army Research
ARL West promotional video