4K Video

4K video has a resolution four times higher than traditional 1080p high definition video. In terms of pixel count, 4K video has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, giving it approximately eight million pixels in total. This increase in resolution allows for much sharper and clearer images, especially on larger screens. 4K video content is becoming increasingly popular, with streaming services and content producers. Many newer TVs and computer screens also support 4K resolution.

Video Samples

Creative Liquid worked with Melwood to produce a series of video profiles on the honorees receiving the 2023 Ability Awards. The Melwood Ability Awards honor the change-makers who are impacting the representation and inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce, community, and culture.… read more
This video production was completed in early 2023 and tells the story of U.S. Vets. U.S. Vets is an organization helping veterans with housing and support after they leave the armed forces. Our team profiled the organization at one of their… read more
Instructional videos are a great way to inform your audience. Creative Liquid produced a series of videos instructing users how to submit video content into the Department of Defense's Tradewind Solutions Marketplace.  This is a how-to series. Our team provided project management, casting,… read more
Video production sample featuring a video produced for the Community Transportation Association of America.
Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Creative Liquid is working with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society to document and tell the stories of Medal of Honor recipients. This documentary storytelling projects is titled: Living History.
Association Trends, Salute to Excellence, is an annual award honoring the brightest stars of the association community. Known as the industry event to attend, the awards luncheon draws a crowd of over 500 leading association professionals each year.  Creative Liquid has partnered… read more
Each spring the Foundation honors citizen heroes. Our team produces a profile video of each honoree.
Creative Liquid produced an updated video for the Business Aviation exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum’s Udvar Hazy Center in Dulles, Virginia.


To store a useful amount of video footage to fit memory cards like SD cards, a digital cameras has to compress the amount of information that’s saved.
Sony CineAlta Primes are sold in a set of six lenses that are a perfect match for Creative Liquid's F5 cameras.