Adobe Premiere Pro

Creative Liquid uses a variety of industry-leading tools to create amazing videos. Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing software program. It is used by professionals in the film and television industry to edit and create stunning videos. Adobe Premiere Pro is part of Adobe Creative Cloud.


At this week’s WWDC, Apple unveiled the Apple Pro XDR display. At $5,000 it’s not cheap, but this price is actually a good deal
Color grading is the final pass that an editor will do on your video, going through shot by shot to tweak, correct, enhance or stylize your footage.
Color grading in video production is often overlooked, but critical to the end product.
We've been busy!  2016 has been a fantastic year of telling stories and working on some incredible projects.
Network Rebuild In January we completed an extensive rebuild of our IT infrastructure. It was a project that was a long time coming. In this article we're going to briefly touch on how we upgraded our network and then our Post-Production Manager Julia is going to go over our editing workflow and… read more