Cinema Camera

Digital cinema cameras are essential tools for filmmakers, providing a quality of image far superior to that of a regular video camera. Cinema cameras help our team create beautiful, professional-looking images. At Creative Liquid we use a variety of cameras and own an extensive selection of Sony cinema cameras.


Videos are digital files these days, but it's still a product, and like many products some costs have increased.
Color grading in video production is often overlooked, but critical to the end product.
To store a useful amount of video footage to fit memory cards like SD cards, a digital cameras has to compress the amount of information that’s saved.
Sony CineAlta Primes are sold in a set of six lenses that are a perfect match for Creative Liquid's F5 cameras.
Lighting can be a daunting subject once you come to realize a film or video’s look is almost entirely based on how it’s lit. And knowing what type of light would be good for a particular situation is difficult to judge, even for an experienced DP, unless you have access to the location and know… read more
Camera sensitivity is a very dense subject, this episode of Practicals covers the broad strokes of camera sensitivity, or ISO.