Nonprofit Video

Nonprofit video is content created for a nonprofit organization. This content is typically created for fundraising efforts, to highlight the organization's work, or provide an overview of the nonprofit's mission. 

Video Samples

Video production sample featuring a video produced for the Community Transportation Association of America.
Each spring the Foundation honors citizen heroes. Our team produces a profile video of each honoree.
Creative Liquid produced this video to promote the Maryland Charity Campaign 2017 campaign.
Our partnership with marketing and public relations firm Adfero produced a series of three videos that would be part of the new Care Conversations website


March was Women's History Month. Of the many projects we worked on, our team was proud to support two live stream events focused on women in our military. Both took place at the Military Women's Memorial at Arlingtonā€¦ read more
Budgeting any project can be a struggle, especially when it comes to video. Let our video production experts help.
Why should nonprofit organizations consider using video? It is one of the best ways to reach a broad audience and achieve results.