Video Crews

Creative Liquid provides video crews throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, but our crews also travel wherever they're needed. A video crew often includes a director of photography, producer and often an audio technician.

Video Samples

Video production sample featuring a video produced for the Community Transportation Association of America.


I was recently asked to define "high-quality video" and it got me thinking: Shouldn't all video be quality video? Do you need the qualifier high? Regardless there are some ways to define quality or high-quality video. If you're looking to produce a video these are all things you should consider.
There’s a long standing joke in filmmaking: “We’ll fix it in post.” It’s a cringeworthy phrase that you’ll hear on set when a crew runs into frustrations with lighting or audio or an interview subject. It basically means, “we’ll fix it after the fact,” or, “we’ll find the story we need in the… read more