Virtual Is Here to Stay, Sort Of

Ryan Pratzel

Virtual Events

A year ago the world was thrust into working from home and virtual events. Whether they were Zoom meetings, webinars or live streams, we all spent hours in front of our screens. Screen time was high. Platforms raced to adapt, add features and find a way to handle the increased throng of users. Now, a year later, it's clear virtual events will stick around in one form or another. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but navigating good virtual solutions hasn't gotten any easier. 

Video Marketing Trends 2021

Ryan Pratzel
Creative Liquid is a digital marketing firm. Our company celebrated its 15th anniversary in February 2021. We have two main focus areas, Video Production and Web Development. As marketing professionals we work with a variety of organizations from corporations to government agencies and nonprofits. Much of what I'll cover in this article comes from our years of experience. We work with organizations large and small. Some of our clients have a dedicated marketing staff, some do not. Regardless of your organizations size, working with an agency, like Creative Liquid, can increase the success of your marketing strategy.

Hosting a Virtual Conference or Meeting

Ryan Pratzel

No venue, no food, no problem

It's 2020 and virtual conferences and meetings are now a thing. Whether you're transitioning a physical event into a virtual one due to current conditions or you're thinking of holding an event for the first time, this article should help you understand the virtual landscape. In this article we're going to take a look at what you should focus on, how technology will help and how to continue to engage your audience after the event.