Sony F5

Practicals - Color in Preproduction and Production

Zack Gross

Color in Video Production

While it’s impossible to know what every camera, codec, LUT, color profile, data rate, and bit depth will do for your images, having a general knowledge of different workflows and options is useful so you can properly plan your projects to be as effective as possible. With the advancements in digital cameras and editing software, there are now multiple options and workflows for handling color throughout your film or video project.

Practicals Sony CineAlta Primes

Ryan Pratzel

Sony CineAlta Prime Lenses

Sony sells a set of six cine prime lenses that are a perfect match for Creative Liquid's F5 cameras. The lenses are PL mount and come in 20, 25, 35, 50, 85, and 135mm. The lenses are fairly fast with a wide open aperture of T2. We've had them in our inventory since spring 2016 and our team loves working with these lenses.

Practicals: Camera Sensitivity

Zack Gross

Understanding the Basics

Camera sensitivity is a very dense subject, with so many factors to consider it’s hard not to make an entire series of Practicals about each one. So for convenience sake, this episode of Practicals covers the broad strokes of camera sensitivity, or ISO.

Your ISO, along with shutter speed and aperture, is one of the three main factors you adjust to get a proper exposure.