ROVER - Rescue Operations and Vital Electronic Records Case Study

The Challenge

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is a volunteer powered animal rescue located in the Washington D.C. metro area. Since 2009, they have rescued over 14,000 animals and placed them in loving homes. Lucky Dog had tried multiple off-the-shelf and volunteer created solutions to track all of their animals, medical records, volunteers, foster homes, adoptions and donations. No system provided the integration between volunteer management and animal management needed for this volunteer based organization.

Keep your Brand and Clients Secure Online

Trevor Johnson

A website is your brand’s best marketing asset for getting your mission, product or service in front of potential customers. It ensures your message to the world, and drives a fundamental part of every organization or business. These days it is easy to create a website with very little technical experience or technical skills, which is great for small businesses, non-profits or any organization where every dollar counts. While tools have evolved to make website creation and curation more approachable, malicious users have also evolved and make a business out of disrupting your business.