Virtual Is Here to Stay, Sort Of

Ryan Pratzel

Virtual Events

A year ago the world was thrust into working from home and virtual events. Whether they were Zoom meetings, webinars or live streams, we all spent hours in front of our screens. Screen time was high. Platforms raced to adapt, add features and find a way to handle the increased throng of users. Now, a year later, it's clear virtual events will stick around in one form or another. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but navigating good virtual solutions hasn't gotten any easier. Platform Case Study

The Challenge

Creative Liquid provides live streaming services to a variety of clients for a variety of events. Our original service provider would create microsites for us for each event. These microsites were time consuming to setup, resulting in added costs to both Creative Liquid and to our clients. Overtime, new technologies and features became available that compounded the issue of creating a new static microsite for each event, and limited our ability to provide new interactive features with our streaming solution.